Garden Games

Family Croquet

A great game for all occasions, specially designed for adults and children. This Croquet set includes 4 mallets with different length handles which makes it suitable for children, teenagers and adults to all play together. If you have never played Croquet before, it is very easy to play and great fun and entertainment. Have a look at the rules and layout.
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A great game for all the family to play from the youngest children upwards. This is the traditional old English wooden Skittles game played with nine Skittles in a diamond pattern, or played with ten skittles in a triangle pattern like American bowling. Suitable for playing on any lawn. Have a look at the English 9-pin rules.
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A great game for children's parties, suitable for kids of all ages. This is the traditional game of Hopscotch and can be played both indoors and outdoors in the garden.


Jenga - Giant Tower


A challenge for children and adults both young and old, and a great game suitable for both indoor and outdoors in the garden. Test your skill against both family and friends by removing one block at a time and placing on top without collapsing the tower.


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